How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

App cost calculator

To give you the open door for your application cost estimation, underneath you may locate an intelligent adding machine instrument.


How much does it cost to make an app?

By and large, the expense of making a portable application extends incredibly: from all out zero to extraordinarily costly value that could achieve millions. Albeit, honestly there is no straightforward response to this request because of numerous variables at play. Distinctive engineer rates, venture multifaceted nature and time it takes to assemble an application sway the expense of making a portable application. The cost to make an application relies upon the accompanying perspectives:

  • type (mobile game, business, social networking, lifestyle. etc.)

  • platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)

  • design (basic, individual, custom)

  • number of pages

  • features & infrastructure


In the event that we split versatile applications into 3 classes with respect to intricacy (basic, moderate, complex), and consider 2 sorts of hourly rates, this is how much application expenses to make roughly:




Time, h

Cost at $50 rate

Cost at $100 rate


No API integration, no back-end, standard UI components, simple features like email subscription, social login, calendar, etc.





Custom UI features, payment features, API integration, headsets and tablets adaptation, back-end server.





Multi-language support, 3rd-party integrations, custom animations, complicated back-end, professional design, real-time features.





Keep in mind, the figures above serve just as an introduction to catch a potential expense of making a versatile application. Each application is unique, it resembles asking about the cost of a house or a vehicle – you can not know the definite cost without particulars. Also, the estimation depends on least time and exertion required to in fact assemble an application. Also, obviously, be prepared to pay more to make your application incredible.